Friday, August 5, 2011

Anyone can steal a Subaru Outback with an Android phone

Don Bailey and Matthew Solnik from iSec Partners demonstrated how to break into a car and hack into its remote control system.

Their research was shown at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, and they unlocked a Subaru Outback and started the engine from a distance using an Android handset and the so-called 'war texting'. You need to set your own GSM network around the car for that, and then intercept the password authentication text messages between the server and the car, all in just a few hours.

Actually the researchers are not worried about stealing cars, but rather that the same remote control systems with text messaging updates are in traffic lights and security cameras, as well as the power grid and water supply infrastructure. If anyone with skills, an Android handset and some relatively inexpensive wireless network equipment can hack into the remote control system of popular car brands, what's to stop someone from doing it on a grander scale, they argued.

"I could care less if I could unlock a car door. It's cool. It's sexy. But the same system is used to control phone, power, traffic systems. I think that's the real threat.", said Don Bailey for CNN.

source: TGDaily via Engadget

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nokia N8 was used to shoot at the world's biggest stop-motion animation set

The Nokia N8 is still the best king in smartphone cameras with its 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens. But is it fit enough to shoot at the world's largest stop-motion animation set spreading on over 11,000 square feet? Answer is yes, but it took not one, but three Nokia N8s to produce this breath-taking minute and a half production called Gulp. The marine-themed stop-motion film Gulp narrates the story of a fisherman going out in the sea only to meet adventure.

Interestingly, when shooting the film the three Nokia N8s were used only for capturing stills, not video. The numerous images were then stitched together giving the illusion of motion in a 25fps video. Aardman and Nokia, which are behind this film, have previously broken the record for the world's smallest stop-motion animation with the movie Dot.

So heeeeere's Gulp :

source: Nokia

Monday, August 1, 2011

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 is updated and even packs 90 new levels

Hello ! Good news for Phones Land Readers and for any Windows Phone 7 owners out there that quickly went through all the available levels with Angry Birds! It's because the popular game from Rovio is being updated to version 1.1, which brings forth 90 new exciting levels.

With a total 225 levels now, up from the previous 135, gamers will now have access to episodes 10 and 11, which were branded as “coming soon”.

Additionally, the other new difference with this updated version is the new load screen. For $2.99, the price is very reasonable.

And even though the number of levels with the update is still behind the iPhone’s mark of 270 levels, we’re sure that mobile phone owners are still nonetheless going to be entertained and delighted with the new update.

source: WP Central via WMPoweruser