Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Verizon teaser page counts down the time until Apple iPhone pre-orders start

For Verizon customers, 3am EST on February 3rd feels like it might never get here. That is when Verizon will start accepting pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 4. With a limited supply and a huge pent-up demand for the device, sleeping while the carrier starts taking pre-orders could end up with you shut out while stocks are being replenished. You might want to set multiple alarm clocks, or even call one of those numbers that will give you a wake-up call. Lastly, you could pull an all-nighter, celebrating your new Apple iPhone purchase by watching old movies or ancient sitcoms on television.

To keep you up to date on how much time is left until pre-orders are accepted, Verizon has put up a countdown page on its web site. If your current phone has a countdown timer, you can synchronize it with the time on the site to make sure you are awoken just in time.


Friday, January 28, 2011

White Nexus S revealed

Although we're already made known about a white version of the Nexus S after rendered shots were leaked, we're finally getting the opportunity of seeing it in the flesh for the very first time.

The handset in question was recently snapped on film showing us the pristine white back cover of the Nexus S – which follows accordingly to what we saw in the rendered images. As you can tell, the back of the Nexus S is coated with a white paint job, but we can also see the evidence of some texture that adds character to the device. In terms of release, it's reportedly headed to Vodafone in the UK – but there is no word if we'll be seeing it elsewhere outside of Europe.

Granted that it does stand out, it would have been nice to see the entire device covered in white – as opposed to seeing the front retaining its usual color. However, we're sure that there are still some people out there that will pick up the handset – but it would be unlikely to find current owners of the smartphone making the switch.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hikers rescued with the help of their cell phones

In yet another reason why your cell phone can be considered your best friend, two hikers who got lost in California's Annadel State Park praised their cell phones for getting them rescued.

Knowing that nightfall was close, the two called 911 for aid because they were lost and were unsure about their positions. Later, a helicopter was called onto the scene to track down the missing hikers. Unfortunately they were difficult to spot during the night.

The hikers decided to turn on the screen of the cell phones toward the approaching helicopter and after that, they were quickly spotted because of the night vision goggles that were used by the rescuers for their search. Even with the dense amount of wooded areas, something like the light from a cell phone can instantly stand out while using night vision goggles. Good thing they had their phones on them because they could've been overlooked by the rescuers – thus spending one cold night at the park.

Of course, if they had a GPS featured phone, everything would have been easier, probably not even necessary to call the police.

Do you guys think GPS phones should become mandatory ? Let us know in the Comments Section below !


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apple's contest winner hangs up phone thinking it was a prank

Good things are too good to be true was Gail Davis probably thinking when she heard on the phone that she won $10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple.

She thought of it being a prank, but after the call, she realized that the offer was serious after her two daughters told her that it was real. Apple decided to award that Gift Card to whomever downloaded the 10 billionth app.
Soon after, Davis attempted to get in touch with someone from Apple, but was unsuccessful, however, an Apple employee ended up calling her again, and that time, she was more than happy to accept the prize.

It seems her daughter downloaded a free game called Paper Glider, now known as the 10 billionth app download.

Seems that those free apps are proving to be useful sometimes don't you agree? Let us know what you think in the Comments Section !


Monday, January 24, 2011

New Apple iPhone commercial features both Verizon and AT&T

The new commercial of Apple's tocuhscreen phone now tells us about Apple's decision of accepting Verizon.The tag line is "Two is better than one" and for Apple, that is certainly true when discussing revenue stream. Enjoy this peaceful and relaxing video:

Do you guys think that "Our Apple iPhone is better than your Apple iPhone" war will start?
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texting woman who fell into a fountain is dropping her lawsuit against the mall

It was only last week when we reported on one woman's peril in a mall after she accidentally fell into a fountain while walking and texting. The video itself was caught by mall security, but was apparently shown off to others and eventually made its way onto the web. In that short period, the video went viral and the woman who experienced the unfortunate event, 46-year old Cathy Marrero, went on to pursue legal action against the mall.

She soon hired an attorney after finding out that the video hit the web and was experiencing a massive influx of exposure to show off the perils of texting while walking. Granted that she did chuckle about it and said that the video was in itself funny, she was more taken back by how the video was shown off to other people and finally uploaded to the web. Later, she decided to take legal action against the mall citing security concerns and privacy – while raising awareness about the potential consequences of texting. In fact, she even learned her lesson after the incident and said, “Do not text and walk.”

Soon after she took her story to the press, it was later found that she had a long criminal record that dates back to the 90s for various things. More recently however, she was convicted in October 2009 for stealing a co-worker's credit card and making purchases that totaled $5,000. The offenses doesn't stop there because Marrero also has several theft cases on her record as well as a hit-and-run charge.

Once that was out and in the open, Marrero quickly decided to drop the lawsuit she was pursuing against the mall. Finally, the security guard that posted the video was quickly fired from his position. Despite the uncovering of Marrero's past, this whole entire experience just goes to show the consequences while texting on a cell phone.


Friday, January 21, 2011

App Store to remain pure, Playboy magazine coming only as web subscription

Hugh Hefner tricked everyone with his Twitter announcement 2 days ago about an upcoming version of the Playboy magazine for the iPad. Concerned parents can now stop worrying the App Store will remain pure.

However the lack of an app doesn't mean lack of content, as Playboy will offer a web-based subscription service to all of its uncensored issues, which will be compatible with the iPad. While still bringing the same content, the magazine will not technically breach into App Store territory.

Jeff Bercovici, a spokesperson for the notorious magazine, denied the rumor in a Forbes report. The news spurred speculations ranging from Steve Jobs' absence to a new App Store policy, but the strict rules for publishing in Apple's mobile market seem to remain the same.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facebook now offers mobile app for feature phones

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it has developed a mobile app for feature phones. Currently, a Facebook app is available for just about any smartphone platform but the company says that it wans "to bring Facebook to the most popular mobile phones around the world." Last year, Facebook Zero was launched as a mobile speed-optimized alternative which allowed the social web site to be seen in 45 more countries through 50 mobile operators. Today's announcement adds 14 more carriers and 2500 devices to the total number of mobile handsets that can access Facebook on the fly.

In the release, Facebook product manager Mark Heynen said, "The app provides a better Facebook experience for our most popular features, including an easier-to-navigate home screen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friend updates. We also wanted to make it available to as many people as possible. Similar to the site, we've worked with mobile operators from around the world to let you try this without paying for any data charges. The 14 mobile operators...are offering free data access when using the new Facebook mobile app during the first 90 days after they launch." The 14 carriers span the globe as Facebook continues its amazing growth spurt.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Class action suit filed against Samsung and T-Mobile over Android update delay

Samsung Galaxy S phone updates have been one of the most discussed topics in recent months, but some of the users struggling with older versions of Android took their irritation to court. XDA Developers forum has seen a hotly discussed topic about a class action suit that user MicBeast allegedly filed against Samsung and T-Mobile.

The user claims that the two companies have “clearly violated the law concerning Unfair and Deceptive Consumer Business Practices.” While later the status and motivation of the lawsuit were questioned, the very interest in the topic showed that many people find the issue about Android fragmentation increasingly important.

Recently, we saw some reports about an intentional delay of a Froyo update for the Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile's take on the Samsung Galaxy S, which were not proven.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inmates steal computer mice to charge their cell phones

In a Scottish prison computer mice have been going missing from the prison's classrooms with no indication as to where they went. They eventually figured out that inmates were using them to charge their illegally smuggled cell phones. Prisoners figured that they can use the mouse's USB cable to plug it in the PlayStation gaming console at the prison, enabling them to charge their phones.

It sounds strange to hear about a PlayStation console at a prison, but noew prison officials have a strict rule no one is allowed to leave the classrooms unless every mouse is handed back.

What's next, maybe keyboards?


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woman falls in a mall fountain while texting

Texting running your life? Take a cool refreshing bath in your local mall fountain !

We've heard other stories about a teenager falling into a manhole because of texting, but this video taken from a security camera shows a woman too busy texting away to even notice that she's on a collision course with a mall fountain – eventually falling into it.

Mr. La Forge ! Evasive Maneuvers !

But , hey , enough words, just check out this video where this woman falls in the mall fountain while texting :

Probably she was like "what is this I don't even..." .

Tell us in the "Comments Section" : Do you think she finished sending the text ? and more importantly :
Can you imagine her driving a car (while texting) ?


Friday, January 14, 2011

"App" chosen as the word of the year by American Dialect Society

Last year the word "tweet" managed to rise above all others with no real competition, but in 2010, the Amercan Dialect Society had a hard time choosing the winner, but ultimately, only one word was able to beat his rivals.

Runners up include words like "junk" and "Wikileaks", but the word that ended up becoming the clear winner was "app". The simple three lettered word manged to stay into the minds of consumers thanks to Apple's "there's an app for that " slogan.

If you guys want to be super duper formal, you can refer it as" application" , but it sounds more natural and easier during conversations to call it "app".

Do you guys agree with "app" as the winner ? Do you have other examples ? Share them in the "Comments Section" !


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Google Nexus S failure during longer calls is now official

Nexus S users have been complaining about their phone rebooting during calls longer than 3 minutes, but up until recently Google did not admit the issue publicly. It has now been successfully reproduced by a Google employee and hopefully a fix will come out soon.

The phone sometimes restarts with no apparent reason in some circumstances, but more often during longer calls.

It is not yet clear whether it is a software related problem or a hardware one.
Being a Gingerbread issue would be much more convenient for the phone, while a hardware problem would mean one of the biggest Google fail in a long time
Best Buy 's 2 two week return policy is ending pretty fast, so people have little time to think about what to do.

Have you experienced the same frustrating issue on the Nexus S ?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Samsung shows off the new flexible OLED display

CES kicked off, and we were able to check out Samsung's booth during Pepcom's event and witnessed something truly impressive that makes us wonder about the great possibilities that can grace future smartphones.

We saw a variety of flexible OLED displays that got the attention of our gaze. Now even though it's rather difficult to see ourselves using a curved touchscreen, there are some areas where we can see this technology becoming very useful.

Not only did it give almost perfect viewing angles, but its overall luminance and sheer vivid colors managed to impress us. Moreover, the Samsung representative even mentioned that the flexible OLED display is unbreakable since there is no glass used whatsoever and is constructed out of plastic.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

iPhone 4 Drop Test

Since we have a Nokia N8 Drop Test post, we think it's only fair to show you an iPhone 4 drop test too.
Please keep in mind that iPhone 's test is not made by Apple scientists , but it should still give you an idea of it's resistance.

Just in case you missed the Nokia N8 Drop Test you can view it here, and tell us, still think iPhone 4 is better?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mozilla launched the next Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo

Mozilla released another beta version of their Firefox 4 browser for Android and Maemo phones. It is still in beta (read: not completely bug-free) but it is another step closer to the real thing.

This new beta brings many new improvements , such as:
  • option to save pages as PDF files;
  • added support for uploading files;
  • improved Firefox Sync interface and support for Android keyboards;
  • etc.

Android users can find this version over at the Android Market, while the Maemo users are only a tap away.