Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mozilla launched the next Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo

Mozilla released another beta version of their Firefox 4 browser for Android and Maemo phones. It is still in beta (read: not completely bug-free) but it is another step closer to the real thing.

This new beta brings many new improvements , such as:
  • option to save pages as PDF files;
  • added support for uploading files;
  • improved Firefox Sync interface and support for Android keyboards;
  • etc.

Android users can find this version over at the Android Market, while the Maemo users are only a tap away.


Smile said...

Oh look who's not dead! And he's back ladies and gents the one the only Head of Phones land!

Teutorix said...

Opera is better :))

Mr Bouchard said...

I'm glad about this! I'm a firefox addict and this sure will fit my android like a charm! If everything goes fine I'll come back to post on my phone!

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

FF 4 beta is a bit flaky on my old XP laptop.

Vapor said...

I <3 FF

stm said...

neat. is this available for the iphone?

ImmaFrog said...

great! sadly, I don't have an android phone

Anonymous said...

Firefox is one of the greatest browsers! I'm glad they are bringing it on androids :D

Jorje said...

Mozzila is the best!

Pantheon said...

I've one bada phone, hope someday I can also port to Android

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