Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Texting becomes more popular than talking in Britain, average Briton sends 50 texts a month

We’ve heard a couple of times in one form or another for the United States and now it’s growing into Europe - we’re calling less, and exchanging direct communication for texts and social networking. At least that’s the conclusion at which British communications regulator Ofcom arrived at in its annual report after surveying UK citizens. 

The youngest crowd including people from 16 to 24 leads the way and is the first switching to more text and social networking interaction. What’s really interesting though is that the average Briton sends 50 texts each week, or more than 7 text messages per day. 

Also, tablet adoption has really picked up recently and from 2% last year, now 11% to 12% of people in the UK own a tablet. That’s probably even faster than the smartphone adoption. In the UK, two out of five adults own a smartphones and a record 49% of people are now on contracts. For the first time, more than a half of all phone calls were made on a mobile phone as opposed to a stationary one. 

Britons spends an average hour and a half in social networks each week, The whole Ofcom report is full of interesting facts, so you can check it all out at the source below. 

source: Ofcom via BBC

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II sales reach 28M, Galaxy Note scores 7M

The Galaxy series has been a huge hit for Samsung - the Koreans recently announced that the line of Android smartphones has surpassed 50 million sales globally. What's even more impressive, the bulk of that is from the flagship devices.
The first one, the Samsung Galaxy S scored over 24 million sales in two years. Its successor, the Galaxy S II sold much faster - it reached 28 million sales in just 13 months, which made it the fastest selling device for Samsung. That's 8 million more unit sales since late February this year.

The half-smartphone, half-tablet Samsung Galaxy Note did very well for itself too - since it went on sale in October last year, 7 million Notes have been sold. That number was 5 million in late March.
Other Galaxy droids didn’t make the statistics, which is a shame - we're really curious about how well entry-level phones like the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y sold. Also, we'll keep an eye on the Galaxy S III sales - it got 9 million pre-orders so we assume it's going to break quite a few of the company's records itself.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here’s what the color of your smartphone says about you

Here’s what the color of your smartphone says about you
Cyan, fuchsia, yellow... we’re not talking about fashion here, unless it’s smartphone fashion. In a greyish universe of mobile devices, Nokia is bringing a splash of color as one of the biggest differentiators for its Lumia Windows Phone series, but interestingly enough the color of your smartphone actually reveals more about your personality than you might think. Well, at least if we take the conveniently overgeneralized perception of color below.

With that healthy sense of doubt, here’s what the smartphone colors actually say about you as a personality.

Cyan is for the thinker as the color itself is very balanced, so it’s likely that happy people would pick a cyan device.

“However, it has all sorts of properties because it’s such an interesting combination of colors. It communicates that you know what you’re doing and that you’ve thought things through. The color red acts on the physical, but blue acts on the intellectual and it helps you to focus your thoughts and clear your mind,” according to the head of London-based Color Affects company.

White on the other hand is for the sophisticated person, one with high standards.

“White is all colors totally reflected, so if you’re wearing white clothes you’re actually creating a quite powerful barrier. It’s sort of ‘touch me not’, but in the case of smartphone it’s manifests itself as: ‘don’t touch this, it’s mine!’,” now Nokia informs us.

Fuchsia (yes, that’s a color too) characterizes the “angry lady,” is the color of “militant feminism.” Talk about your phone as a gateway for people to assess you!
HereĆ¢��s what the color of your smartphone says about you
And finally black is the color of the protector as it itself has all colors contained in it. It’s a safe choice. Others say it underlines more the hardware sophistication of a phone.

What color is your phone and do you agree with the message the experts above say it brings?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Purported design schematics for the iPhone 5 confirm an opening for a 4" display

Purported design schematics for the iPhone 5 confirm an opening for a 4Purported design schematics for the next iPhone have emerged, confirming what the leaked parts yesterday showed, namely an opening for a display that is roughly 4" in size.

Back-of-the-napkin calculations from the engineering blueprint return about 7mm taller and slightly wider front panel part than what we have now, which is not much at all, and certainly preferable than increasing the width too much and messing up with one-handed operation.

Purported design schematics for the iPhone 5 confirm an opening for a 4" display
CEO Tim Cook said yesterday they will double-down on secrecy about Apple's upcoming products, which might have something to do with the current leaks, or it could just be an elaborate decoy and Apple unveils something totally out of whack - these schematics look rather legit, though.

source: MacRumors

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Screen shots of Apple's new 3D Maps app leak

Screen shots of Apple's new 3D Maps app leakIt appears to be an Apple-heavy news day today. After the leaking of new iPhone parts from several sources, BGR has also obtained screenshots of Apple’s 3D maps app, which is expected to debut in iOS 6 (and will presumably be announced at WWDC during the June 11th keynote address). 

We’ve been reporting on Apple’s interest in creating their own mapping solution for a while now – with the success of Google’s Android operating system Apple became concerned about how much they relied on Google’s iOS apps for supplying basic features. Apple has always made the front end of the Maps app, but up to now they’ve relied on the Google Maps backend for the data.
While Apple started the project as a way to become self-sufficient, the competition for offering location-based deals has been heating up, with Google and others moving to leverage their platforms to take on GroupOn and other deals-based websites. That’s lucky timing for Apple, who will now control all of the location-based data that is collected.

Unfortunately the images captured by BGR’s “trusted source” were made in a hurry and aren’t the most beautiful things to look at, so BGR created a mockup of what to expect based on them. It appears that the app has moved from the blue theme seen in the current Maps app to the silver theme seen in the iPad, leading to the speculation that iOS6 may shift the UI towards the iPad’s aesthetic.

Also, you can see a little arrow key in the lower left corner – that button lets the user pop into or out of the 3D navigation mode. According to the source Apple is currently field testing the app now. Check out the mock up and blurry-cam snapshots below.

Monday, May 28, 2012


We found an interesting unofficial drop test of the new HTC Flagship, the HTC One X:

In this test you will see me drop the HTC One X three times. Once on its back from waist height then the same way from shoulder height. The next thing that I did was chest high face down to get a full shot on the Gorilla Glass.

After the first two drops you will notice the shell of the HTC One X can really take a beating only showing minor scratches and dings, except for the scratch that we noticed going across the camera lens.

The difference between the HTC One X drop test and other drop tests, is that there is no removable battery that will pop out when you drop it. Just watch the video and you will see what happens..


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stories you shouldn't have missed this week

Stories you shouldn't have missed this week
It is once again time for a short recap of the past week. Perhaps the most significant event that we reported was the Motorola Mobility acquisition by Google, which is now a done deal. As a result, CEO Sanjay Jha was replaced by Dennis Woodside, and who knows, Mr Jha may not be the only person in need of a new job as thousands of Motorola employees might be given the sack soon, if rumors are to be trusted.

In other news, NVIDIA unveiled its Kai platform, which is the company's recipe for delivering Tegra 3 Android tablets at the very reasonable price point of $199. While no device announcements have been made yet, it would not be surprising if such affordable slates hit the market before the year's end.

Want an iPhone-related story? Here's one: it is rumored that two iPhone prototypes are being tested, and both of them flaunt a 4-inch display. But as with all Apple rumors, whether this is true or not will be known once the next iteration of the device is announced officially.

source: Phone Arena

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Google Nexus tablet details leaked, will be quad-core and may include Jelly Bean

Google Nexus tablet details leaked, will be quad-core and may include Jelly BeanA “trusted source” speaking to TechnoBuffalo has confirmed many of the details about the upcoming Nex
us tablet…although whether or not Google’s 7” tablet is actually named “Nexus” is not one of those details. The source did confirm that it will be built by ASUS and will be one of the hardware giveaways for Google I/O on June 27th, something we’ve been expecting ahead of its July ship date.

One exciting tidbit is that they also were receiving “conflicting reports” on whether or not the tablet would come preinstalled with Jellybean, the next major version of Android. That would come as something of a pleasant surprise, since many analysts were not expecting the next major version of the little green robot operating system to appear until late fall or early winter.

Also of great interest is the source indicated that the tablet would indeed be rocking a quad-core Tegra3 device, not the dual-core solution that some had expected in light of Google’s attempts to price their tablet aggressively. Of course NVIDIA has said on more than one occasion that part of their project strategy is to help bring to market a sub-$200 Tegra3 tablet, so we may still get the low price point that many of you have been hoping for.

Who out there would be interesting in a $199 quad-core Nexus tablet running Jelly Bean this summer? We reckon quite a few people would be. Is it too good to be true? Most of the hardware and pricing rumors seem reasonable. We have no idea how close Jelly Bean is to fruition, although in the past Google has turned out major software updates in less than a year, so it’s not impossible, even if it’s far from certain. And in a way it’s just a matter of months either way – even if Jelly Bean doesn’t hit until this fall, we’re sure the vanilla Android tablet would be one of the first devices to get the update.

source: TechnoBuffalo via Droid-Life

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Supposedly Google's Majel will be called Google Assistant

Supposedly Google's Majel will be called Google AssistantIt looks like Google's next iteration of its voice command software is starting to take shape. TechCrunch is reporting that the product may have shed its codename "Majel" in favor of an official name: Google Assistant. This is especially interesting given that Android chief Andy Rubin, notoriously said that he doesn't "believe your phone should be an assistant". 

Another interesting thing is that TechCrunch is reporting that Google Assistant is now in the hands of the Android team (along with search engineer Amit Singhal) not the mysterious Google X project, which is where Majel had lived. Word has it that Google has been building this product with three goals in mind:

  1. Gather all information and make it understandable by computers.
  2. Create a personalization layer
  3. Build a mobile, voice-powered productivity engine, which is focused less on finding information and more on getting things done

All of this sounds pretty logical. The current voice controls from Google are mainly focused on finding info or communication, so adding in more productivity tools makes sense. The personalization layer is the "plussification" of everything Google that we've been seeing, which is an effort to gather more individual and local data. And, the first goal seems like that has been one of the overarching goals of Google since before it was even called Google. 

Of course, many will call this nothing more than a Siri competitor, but as always, there is the Google openness to consider. Word has it that Google is planning to "extend this service to developers" just like it has with its current voice control app. So, there will likely be APIs allowing developers to hook into the Assistant platform, and just like the current voice control, we may even see a number of third party apps built on top of Google's software. 

The bad news is that the newest info has this product not being released until Q4 of this year.

source: TechCrunch

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here's what the iPad 3 won't be (but we wish it was)

Now, we don’t know what the next-gen iPad will look like. Quite frankly, Apple has been pretty good with keep it under cover as any other of its products, that the only think rumors point to is a high-res display and hopefully a better battery. At the same time, we’re pretty confident it won’t have a dreamy edge-to-edge display and all the awesome features pictured in the concept video below. But we wish it would.

The video imagined by well known Aatma Studio depicts a concept of the iPad 3 that not only has an edge-to-edge screen, but it also easily connects with another iPad via NFC which augments the screen to include that of the second tablet, and it somehow projects controls to the side and even 3D-esque holographic image above it.

Now, what we’re particulaly impressed is the flight of the fantasy of Aatma Studios. It will certainly inspire you with some futuristic ideas. It could also make you less enthusiastic when you see the actual next-gen iPad on March 7th, so proceed with caution, especially if you’re a barista.

source: Electric Pig

Monday, February 27, 2012

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon S4 "Pro" chip with Adreno 320 graphics

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon S4 Qualcomm has just confirmed the Snapdragon S4 “Pro” which adds amazing graphics with Adreno 3
20 graphical core, building on top of the powerful 28nm Qualcom MSM8960 with Krait processor.

The new S4 “Pro” chip patches the weakest spot of the first MSM8960 chips, which in the rush to the market only included Adreno 225 graphics. The new GPU will allow for higher resolution displays and bring a four-fold improvement in visuals. It will support the latest gaming engines from Unity (games on it include the Samurai series and Rocket Bunnies on iOS) and Epic (the Unreal Engine, powering titles like Gears of War).

Adreno 320 will support hardware acceleration of rendering features like instancing and multiple render targets, and come with new APIs with OpenCL.

The S4 “Pro” chip release date is set for the second half of 2012 and Qualcomm underlined that it is optimized for upcoming Windows 8 devices, supporting full hardware acceleration for the platform.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Control your own Tankbot with your Android or iOS device for only $24.99

Control your own Tankbot with your Android or iOS device for only $24.99We often justify our technology purchases in the name of ‘business’ or ‘productivity’, but, honestly, who doesn’t want to be able to use that same tech to control a robot? We have great news for you fellow robot aficionados. DeskPets is now offering Tankbots, a toy that can be controlled with your iPhone, iPad, or Android powered device.

In addition to being controlled with a smartphone, they can also be put into “Autonomous Personality Mode”, which allows the Tankbot to use infrared technology to avoid walls and obstacles. For multi-player fun, that same infrared system can be used in battle mode to fire shots at an enemy Tankbot, although we think it’s quite obvious that any battling between these guys in the real world is going to consist of smashing them into one another.

These little bots have a built in USB charger that give you 15 minutes of fun on a 40 minute charge. They come in several colors and are available at Toys ‘R’ Us, Brookstone, and Radio Shack for only $24.99.

source: DeskPets via AndroidGuys