Friday, January 21, 2011

App Store to remain pure, Playboy magazine coming only as web subscription

Hugh Hefner tricked everyone with his Twitter announcement 2 days ago about an upcoming version of the Playboy magazine for the iPad. Concerned parents can now stop worrying the App Store will remain pure.

However the lack of an app doesn't mean lack of content, as Playboy will offer a web-based subscription service to all of its uncensored issues, which will be compatible with the iPad. While still bringing the same content, the magazine will not technically breach into App Store territory.

Jeff Bercovici, a spokesperson for the notorious magazine, denied the rumor in a Forbes report. The news spurred speculations ranging from Steve Jobs' absence to a new App Store policy, but the strict rules for publishing in Apple's mobile market seem to remain the same.


watchman said...

paper based media is dying. Not surprised.

invagrantly said...

ahahaha this is expected. apple is never gonna give it up!

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