Friday, February 18, 2011

Man's iPhone 4 explodes

An Apple iPhone 4 overheated so badly that it caused it to explode right there on the table.

The iPhone 4 was sitting on a wooden table when the incident occurred. Everything was fine, but then phone's battery got so hot that it started to smoke, also causing the smoke alarm in the house to go off. The phone heated up so badly that the back just blew off. It didn’t blow off all the way as you can see, but it’s only hanging there by a thread.

Apparently the guy went to the Apple store in hopes of getting a replacement; hopefully they fulfilled that need for him. The thing we should be worried about is that this isn’t the first time an Apple product has practiced spontaneous combustion. Do you think other iPhone users should worry about these kind of things ? tell us in the comments section !



Major.Mack said...

the video link is broken :(

cooperlife said...

wooden table... or hotplate?

Anonymous said...

Dang. I've heard of a few other smartphones doing that. Flaws in the batteries I would guess.

tigey said...

Fixed it , managed to embed the video in the blog, might not be available in some countries though

Copyboy said...

You kidding? I'd love it all the way to the bank.

Teutorix said...

fire in the hole!

Das Auto! said...

well he shouldn't have tried to have sex with it

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