Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Google Maps 5 with 3D view and offline mode

Google Maps for Mobile 5 came out with a preview, from which we found out we are about to see major improvements like 3D view, offline mode and new multitouch options. 

Graphics engine now uses vector graphics, bringing in many advantages. Maps are not pre-rendered pictures anymore but are rendered on the phone itself, makeweight the application run very smoothly. 3D buildings is supported for over a hundred major cities. 
Vector pictures are more data efficient (download faster and make cache easier). Google Maps Navigation will be able to reroute you, but you'd still need a data connection to rerouting. 

The new multitouch features enhance the 3D mode, letting you tilt and rotate the view. For this you'll need some additional hardware support that is not in all multitouch  phones.

Here's the current list of androids that will fully support version 5 features:

-Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
-Motorola Droid , Droid 2, Droid X, DROID Incredible
-HTC Evo 4G
-Nexus S
-T-Mobile G2

The update to Google Maps for Mobile 5 should come soon and non-Android handsets weren't mentioned.



cooperlife said...

the androids... they are getting smarter...

Seion said...

Woah, have not seen 3D mode yet.

Willow said...

To bad I have an iPhone lol.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Not sure 3D mode adds much. Is it for women?

Smile said...

seems like g maps will soon own the gps market

NooG said...

OMG, the googles has gotten impressive! i'm excited to see what further developments they come up with in the future...

Teutorix said...

3D mode sounds interesting. Real men don't need maps though, not even 3D ones.

SpringyB said...

Looks pretty neat. I always wonder how long it would take before gmaps went 3d.

oh and by the way, thanks for recommending statcounter. It's functioning way better than google analysis already.

Astra said...

looks pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow it's going to be easy now to find everything!

tigey said...

I dont think 3D was added for women, I think it just makes user experience better

Glad you like it

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