Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S White

The white color version of Samsung's flagship Galaxy I9000 Galaxy S is now available in the Spanish and UK markets, and right on time for Christmas, this new white device is also available to sell in Germany.

Won't be long until the white version will be available everywhere, and currently, the black Galaxy S 8GB is sold for around €410 ($540), while the white one costs some €40 more , around 450 ( $595).



NooG said...

that thing is gorgeous... but a $600 pricetag is too much for me :(

Anonymous said...

This phone is beautiful, but it's so expensive!

Betta sp said...

only the color change, then it's not different as the old one

SpringyB said...

50 dollars more for a color change? Seriously?

Joel C Anatoli said...

That thing looks like a storm trooper! ;)

Kidding I love the phone

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